We chose the name “Shrao” to acknowledge one of the largest islands in Qatar. Qatar is a Middle Eastern countrywhich constitutes a peninsula in the Persian Gulf. There are a number of islands inhabiting the waters that surround Qatar on its three sides. These are Haloul Island, Ishat Island, Alia Island, Al Saflia Island and Shrao Island.

Shrao Island is located southeast of Doha; the capital of Qatar, approximately 76 kilometers in distance. It is one of the few islands that lie close to the mainland of Qatar. It lies to the north-east of Ishat Island at a distance of about 48 kilometers approximately from it and is east of the Dina Island of UAE. The island has an altitude of 36.5 feet.

Shrao Island famous for abundant mounds and fringed reef beach surrounding the island. Shrao Island has calm weather and scenic sea that attracts attendees throughout the seasons of the year. It has been a safe haven for fishermen and naval vessels in times of high winds, hurricanes, marine from time to time. There have been different types of animals spotted on the Island such as migrating birds, rabbits and shrew. Also discovered were a number  of cemeteries and private collections, which date back to the eighteenth century AD.